About us

Like many parents, some of our best ideas come from the everyday struggles we encounter. We were taking family trip to Disneyland. Like many moms, I wanted to make sure everyone had a great time, but I of course was always thinking about safety, germs, and nap schedules too. At the time my boys were young (7, 5, 3) so we were making many trips to the restroom and I was constantly having to lift them up to wash their hands. That's when my first idea was born – a product for children that would help them reach the faucet and wash their hands on their very own.

We launched Peachy® in 2010 with the Aqueduck® – the first faucet extender in the market. Since that moment, here at Peachy® we have been working diligently to develop other easy to use and fun products that will foster independence, build confidence, while at the same time making lives for parents easier and of course Peachy!